Fees Structure

   New Students     
 PROGRAMME   Tuition     
 Master of Arts in Development Studies (MADS)    1,066,000    
 Master of Arts in Public Admin & Management (MPAM)   1,066,000    
 Masters of Business Administration (MBA)   1,066,000    
 Master of Arts in Education Admin & Planning (MEAP)   1,066,000    
 Bachelor of Laws (LLB)   2,560,000    
 Bachelor of Education (BED Recess)  all fees per module      859,150    
 Bachelor of Arts with Education           700,000    
 Bachelor of Science with Education           700,000    
 Bachelor of Social Work & Social Administration      700,000    
 Bachelor of Development Studies      700,000    
 Bachelor of Public Administration & Management      700,000    
 Bachelor of Project Planning and Entre      700,000    
 Bachelor of Procurement and logistic Mgt      700,000    
 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)      700,000    
 Bachelor of Human Resource Mgt      700,000    
 Bachelor of Business Computing (BBC)      700,000    
 Bachelor of Economics and Mgt      700,000    
 Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality      700,000    
 Bachelor of Science in Information Technology      750,000    
 Diploma of Education (DEP Recess)  all fees per module      703,950    
 Diploma in Entrep &Inform. Technology      400,000    
 Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)      400,000    
 Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration       400,000    
 Diploma in Public Administration & Management      400,000    
 Diploma in Management and Project Planning      400,000    
 Diploma in Theology (DIP THEO)      246,000    
 Diploma In Child Development      236,000    
 Certificate in Theology (CERT THEO)      196,000    
 Certificate in  Child Ministry & Child Development       196,000    
 Certificate in Computer Studies/ ICDL      250,000    
 Hall of Residence Fee (Board Only)       300,000    
 Instructional Materials fee (Fine Art Students)       50,000    
 NCHE Fee (annual)       20,000    
 Identity Card (Paid Once)       20,000    
 NB: All First year day students are strongly advised to reside in Halls of Residence